Hearts at Rest


Did you know......?

* Many emotional difficulties come from being stuck at an earlier age.

* At a young age, a child quickly finds out what makes him or her feel safe and builds safety mechanisms that interfere with adult relationships.

* You were designed to give and receive love. When denied, it creates love-hunger that is behind poor relationship choices.

* Until you identify what causes destructive patterns in your life and create new ways of functioning, you are doomed to repeat these errors.

* If you do not forgive those who have hurt you, you will suffer emotional torment.

* FEAR can negatively impact your immunity system.


Have You Ever......?

* Been hurt horribly by organized religion / the church?

* Been involved in nasty relationships over and over again with the opposite sex?

* Been accused of being controlling by several people?

* Been caught in the same defeating patterns such as being fired or denied promotions over and over?

* Gone "out of character" where you cannot explain your actions suddenly?