I am glad that you are here! I am a health and life coach who carries a heart for those who are hurting emotionally. I am an RN who has been actively involved as a coach and mentor, helping my clients toward achieving their health and emotional wellness-goals. I have mentored numerous young adults, some of them struggling with childhood issues, depression, anxiety and being stuck at younger ages. I mentored people who were just off of the street, recovering from addictions and co-dependency. Seeing people become free is my life passion!



To work with you through counseling and prayer to help you find the freedom for which you were created. 


My approach:

So often, we get pat answers from spiritual leaders, medical practitioners, family and friends about how we can solve our struggles with life and reduce anxiety. But unless they understand where we have been and have walked out a similar journey successfully, they often do not have the insight to help us. My approach to counseling is to apply principles of emotional healing I have learned and helped others apply so that my client can begin to become "un-stuck" from the issues that keep them bound up in fear and destructive patterns. Some of these principles are out of the Bible; others are from various books and authors who have addressed these issues with clarity and a great deal of empathy.

I have authored a 3-tier approach that facilitates you achieving the next level of healing and becoming like Christ. The 3-tiers that outline this approach are:

1.  Reduction (Entering a time of deep growth)

2.  Induction (Inward change achieved that makes you more like Jesus)

3.  Instruction (Turning your victory into your testimony)