Judy Foss is a fantastic person and mentor.  We met nine years ago, and it forever impacted my life for the better.  When I first met her, I could tell that she was a person who was patient, kind, and loving.  It did not take long for us to connect.  My instincts told me that Judy was a safe place.  That is what I needed.

Through conversations and counseling, we worked through past trauma of mine.  This went back to when I was a young child.  Judy practically gave me tools that helped me heal.  They are tools that one can use for their whole life.  Today I still apply these to everyday scenarios.

Another main lesson I learned through Judy was forgiveness.  Quickly, I learned the power of forgiving someone and not having to hold onto the emotional pain from experience (s).  This led to learning boundaries.  Some examples were with my family and friends.  Judy taught me how to get out of toxic situations and stay calm in the process.

Today, I can say that I am healthy and emotionally well.  My mentoring with Judy provided a solid foundation.  It prepared me for the years ahead and helped me continue to heal while making healthy decisions. 

Judy is someone that can help people get out of unhealthy situations.  Whether it is trauma, destructive patterns, or life skills, she will be able to help you.  She is a living example of what it looks like to receive healing.  I highly recommend reaching out to her and seeing what change will happen in your life for the better.

KM, Student of Psychology

Judy came into my life at a time when I was severely depressed and hurting. I had been through years of rejection and abuse. She patiently took me through the steps of emotional healing. Several times it was challenging and I backed away, but always came back because I knew that I was making progress. 

I am now happily employed and I look forward to life and can more easily handle it as it comes to me. She still offers advice and tons of encouragement whenever I need it. I have recommended her as a mentor to others as she has insight and a heart for the people in front of her.

HL, Worker in military maintenance


*  RN / Care Manager 

Able to assist with: 

  • diabetes 

  • weight management 

  • depression

*  Lecturer:

  • Christian-based understanding of sexuality

  • Where does the moral code come from?

  • How do I stay out of fear in an age of conflict & panic?