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There are reports that the times we are living in are intensifying, especially around the election that is taking place this year with all that is at stake. Did you know that the turbulence actually carries with some really good things?

For one, you were designated to be alive at this particular time! You weren't born at a much earlier time and you are not designated for a future time. You are here right now at this time, with the level of maturity you have achieved and a great deal of knowledge that came with your life story. Here is the really challenging piece: you were born unto destiny.

There is something you carry into the battle that God put into you and maybe not your neighbor. A message may have been developing in you pertaining to hope or perseverance. Maybe you've been trained in spiritual warfare. If you are like me, you have been operating the past 10-30 years in seclusion. Many people I am associated with right now in ministry and life, have been marginalized by churches and family, feeling like their gifts and contributions were not valued. What was going on is that God has been refining things in them for this season. Isn't that good news! From where I am sitting, the churches that have carried organized religion into the society, are being marginalized now. Who knows what is coming. Is it possible that the institutions known as churches are going to someday be banned as the Anti-Christ spirit takes over? Many say it is possible, and that home churches and secret fellowships will become the norm.

These thoughts are both sobering and exhilarating! I have been pondering just what my role is going to be. I have joined several prayer groups who pray for the restoration of our nation and for a last great awakening. I am also just starting to get involved in an Ekklesia (spiritual family) group started by a friend of mine where we meet to encourage each other and give new Christians a platform in which to be discipled and to learn. Our future plans include street witnessing. I am all in!

I want to say one last thing that I hope encourages you. In regards to the role I am playing, I was becoming concerned and even fearful that I would somehow miss my calling and destiny. God directed my attention one day to Psalm 138:8 - "The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the works of Your hands." He will bring His purpose to full fruition. I need to learn from Him, listen to Him, lean into His purposes for me, and launch into whatever He directs me to do. He is faithful!

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