Prophecy in the Lord of the Rings?

God speaks to His people in a lot of different ways and in a lot of different seasons. We are in a season of intense warfare where our civil liberties are at stake and our right to worship and speak of God. Did you ever see this coming? Many tell me that they never could have guessed the day we are living in would really occur, but here we are.

God never leaves His people to languish for a game plan...even if it is to wait and trust. He tells us what He is doing and empowers us to continue trusting and obeying in Him. So long have we just enjoyed our freedoms and we've grown rather complacent in our walk with Christ in this nation. But it is a different day than it used to be. A new game plan is needed and even though we may have a distaste for spiritual and societal warfare, war is upon us whether we would like to look at it or not!

Years ago when the The Lord of the Rings came out, I was watching it for about the 2nd time, and I found myself totally engrossed and it seemed that the Lord was pointing out things to me. These were allegories that gelled much later as I watched it and re-watched it. I remember that the first epic battle scene in the second movie, I found myself on my feet jumping and yelling for the freedom fighters of Middle Earth, "Go! You will WIN! Fight! Fight!" Luckily I was alone at the time because anyone watching me may have thought that the mental cheese was slipping off of the cracker! I sat down and paused the movie. I asked God, "Why am I so engrossed in this movie? I've seen battle scenes before and didn't react like this." He explained to my spirit that I was seeing a modern-day parable and that the lessons in the story line would figure into a deep teaching in the future.

I have loaded my teaching on the first epic battle scene in the trilogy as God has taught my heart. Learn from The Lord of the Rings. Much is to be attained in our understanding from this parable. We are in a war to be sure, and the fight is fierce, and most say, will get fiercer. We have a lot at stake, but praise be to God, we have been assured the victory.

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