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Are you like me in dreading the news and getting tired of the negativity in the social media? It affects the way I feel when I wake up in the morning, react to things that happen every day and affects even the way I dream. It seemed like everything changed in one day. There is new talk of the "new normal" and it may look like wearing masks most of the time and avoiding larger gatherings. Many people also realize that there is much FAKE news available to us in news broadcasts and in posts in social media. How are we to handle this?

Let me tell you how I've handled this as a Christian. First of all, I memorized Psalm 91 and I tell people I have inoculated myself against the virus. Read it and you will see that the Psalm advises us not to fear for the pestilence that stalks in the darkness OR the plague that destroys at mid-day. Also, I have taken breaks from reading social media and watching the news. If it is getting me riled up and upset, I step away. I also have developed a fascinating attitude I did not anticipate. I am starting to view this season of social unrest and fear as a time for me to re-set my relationships with God, others and myself. I am valuing my alone time to reflect on what is important to me and how I want to invest myself.

Jesus talked about a day when everything that could be shaken, would be shaken, leaving only those things that are unshakable. That means that I can count on seeing more of those things that have made me feel secure in the past, maybe go away or lessen. All signs are pointing to HIS SOON RETURN! We rarely hear sermons on that topic anymore, but we are commanded in I Thessalonians to encourage each other and ourselves with this fact. Jesus is indeed, coming back soon.

Lastly, I want to challenge you with another thought. We don't realize that we have to actual go to war emotionally sometimes, to get into peace. As strange as that sounds, I am warring more right now to stay in peace than ever before. I feel like an athlete that is increasing her work-out to the next level. When I feel my heart start to sink or I become discouraged, I make myself get into praise of God and turn my attention back to the Lord of my hope. He is my mainstay.

All for now. Stay in peace, knowing that God genuinely cares about you and everything that is going on in your life!

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